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5 min readDec 3, 2021


Even though you can easily find professional translators that you can hire and get all your translation work done from, it’s still always a good idea to be able to understand and speak the languages yourself.

The United Arab Emirates is home to people from all around the globe. It is one of the most diverse countries in the world when it comes to the languages spoken and used in its regions. If you are a resident of Dubai, you will frequently need different languages and their translations, especially translate French to Arabic, Spanish, Arabic, and English.

Why is French Translation Dubai Service Required?

As mentioned above, Dubai is home to citizens from all around the globe. Anyone coming from France will need to get all their personal and official documents translated from French to English or Arabic to be used in Dubai, which is why French translation Dubai services are so important.

In addition to getting your documents translated for settlement purposes, you may also need this service if you are applying to a French company in Dubai; they might ask for documents in French. There are a lot of other things as well for which you might need to hire professional translators and even though it’s always the right thing to find a trustworthy translator, you should still have some basic knowledge of the languages.

Where can you Learn the French Language from in Dubai?

After reading all the wonderful reasons mentioned above, you must now be convinced to learn French and experience the luxury language instead of hiring French translation Dubai for your tasks. There are many institutes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offer French courses and diplomas.

Eton Institute is one of the most well-known institutes in Dubai that are currently teaching the French language. You can easily register for their French classes or simply take up short online courses to get started with the learning process. One of the best places to find great online courses is Udemy.

Here are Some Reasons Why you Should Learn French!

A language that is enjoyable to study

The French language is very easy to learn as well as speak. The internet is full of e-books and online courses that you can take to learn French in a short period of time, that too at any age. With a decent amount of practice, you will gain fluency in communicating the language, as well.

French is the language of love

If you are someone who likes to romanticize things, you are a French man at heart. French is the language of love and learning. It exceeds all the pleasure of studying an articulately beautiful and rich language. It is an analytical language that gives rise to critical thinking, which eventually helps in life.

The language is spoken all across the globe

French is a language that is spoken by more than 200 million people all over the world. Francophone bonds 68 countries and their governments. After English, French is one of the most widely taught foreign languages.

English and French are the only languages that you can learn and use in any state. France has a wide network of institutes in many countries, including Dubai, that provide quality language and cultural studies.

A language that helps you find a job

An acquaintance of French and English languages is a trump card that will increase your probability on the global job market. Familiarity with French unlocks the gates of French companies not only in France but also in all French-speaking countries like Dubai, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and many more.

France is the world’s fifth major trading power and has the third biggest capacity of international investment, making it a major economic partner.

A language that unlocks the gate to the world

In addition to English and German, French is also one of the most used languages on the internet today; these three languages are followed by Spanish. Knowing the French language allows better communication with the wide number of French-speaking people in Dubai as well as on all continents.

After English and German, French is the third most used language on the internet, followed by Spanish. Knowledge of French allows communication services. Thanks to great global media stations broadcasting in French, they offer the chance to be well informed at all times.

The richness of language and culture

French is the ultimate language of cuisine, style, drama, fine arts, and architecture. Knowledge of French means having the chance to read well-known works of French writers and francophone literature, watch films as well as listen to songs in the original language translation to truly enjoy them.

Useful for travellers

France is the most travelled to country in the entire world, all thanks to the 70 million travel enthusiasts visiting it in a year. With a basic familiarity of French, the experiences are much more pleasant and easier to get to know Paris along with the other individual french regions (from the friendly Côte d’Azur through the rugged Brittany coast to the snow-capped Alps), to recognize the culture, mindset and general French approach to living life. French is also very beneficial when traveling in Canada, Switzerland, Monaco, Africa and Seychelles.

Language for education at French colleges

Understanding of French lets you study at well-known French colleges as well as technical universities, which are amongst the finest advanced education institutes in all of Europe and around the world. People who are fluent in French have higher chances of receiving a French government scholarship to enroll for a postgraduate program in France in all offered disciplines and gain a globally acknowledged diploma.

Language of intercontinental relations

French is also the operational and endorsed language of the European Union, the United Nations, UNESCO, and NATO, the Red Cross, the International Olympic Committee and numerous other business international legitimate institutions. It is the language of the three cities in which the European institutes are situated: Luxembourg, Strasbourg, and Brussels.




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